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Manufacturing & Building since 1993

Cold Storage

DPS insulated metal panels are essential in the cold storage industry, and our company has been manufacturing and building them since 1993. These panels offer superior thermal insulation, maintaining optimal temperature conditions for perishable goods.

Our extensive experience allows us to deliver high-quality panels that provide excellent energy savings and moisture resistance. The lightweight design ensures quick installation and durability against impact and wear. We customize them to meet specific facility requirements, offering a turnkey solution for cold storage rooms. 

Our insulated metal panels provide exceptional thermal insulation, energy efficiency, and durability, making them the ideal choice for cold storage needs.



DPS Panels offer the ultimate solution for indoor plant cultivation due to their thermal insulation, moisture control, pest resistance, energy efficiency, and lighting efficiency. These panels create a controlled environment, maintaining consistent temperatures and optimal moisture levels for plant growth while keeping pests at bay.


With their low-maintenance and long-lasting construction, our insulated metal panels provide a versatile and customizable solution for your agricultural needs and layouts. DPS panels are the go-to choice for indoor cultivators seeking a reliable and efficient solution for cultivating healthy and productive plants.

Who We Are

About Our Company

Diversified Panel System is the industry leader with over 100 years of combined experience in custom design, engineering, manufacturing custom insulated metal panels for cold storage and cultivation facilities.


DPS panel systems are meticulously tailored to meet your precise specifications and requirements. Additionally, Diversified Panel offers a comprehensive range of refrigeration equipment that caters to all your cold storage needs.


DPS panels, are constructed using an expanded polystyrene (EPS) core, ensuring superior insulation. Complying with the strictest energy regulations, our panels and doors meet desired R-values for both cold storage and cultivation needs.




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