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Q. What is the lead time for DPS Panels?


A. Lead times vary depending on the time of the year and the size of your project but our standard lead time that we strive very hard to keep is 7 to 10 days.


Q. How long is the price on my quote good for?


A. 120 days from the date on the quote.


Q. Can I change the specifications for my order after my order has been started?


A. Changes can always be made to any project at anytime. Most of the time changes can be made with little delays to the original delivery date.


Q. Do the new California Energy Commission laws affect my cooler or freezer?


A. The new energy law in California requires that minimum R-values be met for both coolers and freezers. As a reference, all coolers UNDER 3000 square feet must meet R-25 and freezers a R-32. All Coolers OVER 3000 square feet must meet R-28 and freezers R-36.


Q. Is there a difference between a walk-in that is installed indoors and one that is installed outdoors?


A. Yes. The structural load that can be placed on the walk-in roof in an outdoor situation is greater than one of a walk-in that is placed indoors. This load varies depending on what part of the country the walk-in is installed.


Q. How are the rising costs of raw materials affecting walk-in prices?


A. The ever increasing cost of raw materials is a constant challenge for all manufacturers. DPS will always do whatever is possible to keep our cost controlled and pass those savings to you our valued customer.

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