Work Directly with the Manufacturer NOT a Middleman

Diversified Panel Systems has a lifetime warranty, we've been the leader in the panel industry for over 30 years...


Certified Installers Nationwide and Canada.

We can beat or match all competitor pricing.


We build twice as fast with 25%-35% lower material costs vs Traditional Framed Construction Methods.


Simple to install

State of the Art Interlocking Panel systems for Cannabis Grow Rooms


  • Modular components are non-shedding.

  • Prefabricated systems require less on-site cutting.

  • Less on-site fabrication results in less material waste.


  • Wall panels can be easily replaced.

  • Easy to integrate new windows or doors.

  • Buildings can be easily expanded or reconfigured without showing signs that a repair or modification has been made.


  • Modular systems offer a faster depreciation rate of 7 years (as opposed to 39 years with traditional construction materials). 

  • Results in a quicker return on investment.